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Girls Lacing Up Their Ballet Shoes


Staff at Empire Performing Arts Center reserves the right to place students in the appropriate classes based on skill level, maturity, attendance, and age.  The first step is registering.  Visit with us personally one-on-one guarantees a positive experience and correct placement. We pride ourselves in our individual attention to each prospective student.

Hiphop Class


Empire Performing Arts Center staff stresses the importance of attending classes.  In order to continue improving, learn choreography, move up in classes, and be considered for a spot on the competitive company team, a student must attend each and every class in which he/she has enrolled. 

After five unexcused absences from class, the student will be dropped from the class.  Tuition will not be refunded.  This goes for the competitive company team as well.

Being on time to class is of the utmost importance.  Tardiness will be addressed  one-on-one.

Ballet Practice


Empire Performing Arts Center staff will evaluate students three times a year:  once at the beginning of the fall semester, once at the beginning of the spring semester, and once at the beginning of summer. Students will move up to the next class once they have mastered the requirements in their current class.  Memory skills, flexibility, core strength, and proper technique are among the needed skills to advance according to the expectations of each skill level.  Staff may also have you try the next level up to see if you are ready before moving student up. 

Break Dance


If you have to miss class please call Empire Performing Arts Centers office at 316-631-5321 or email  If you know ahead a time please let us know. 

Please DO NOT contact any staffs directly via their personal phone or email, or at obscene hours.  Our office staff will ensure that each staff is notified of your student’s absence.


Class Information
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