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Our Mission is to encourage physical fitness, to instill an appreciation of the performing arts, to build confidence and self-esteem, and to provide a positive atmosphere that builds lifelong friendships and a love for the performing arts.

(Est. 2011)


Are you looking for quality dance and cheer classes for your child?  Empire Performing Arts Center is pumping up the dance and cheer programs within the community with lots of loud cheers, fun dances, and styling music!  All of our classes emphasize technique.   Whether your goal is to take dance as a recreational hobby or a competitive sport, to prep to try out for a dance/cheer team, or to train to be a professional in the world of dance, Empire Performing Arts Center has the expertise to help you succeed and fulfill your dance and cheer dreams.  Empire Performing Arts Center focuses on technical performance, quality choreography, collaboration across disciplines, and the vitality of human diversity.


New members are always welcome if we have an open spot.   We offer a wide variety of classes from 18 months to adult, competition teams, summer camps/classes, master classes, choreography camps, and intensives with some of the best instructors.  Whether you are just starting out, having fun with your friends, prepping to try out for a dance/cheer team, or training to be a professional, Empire Performing Arts Center can help you succeed to your full potential. 


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Mon: 5:15pm - 7:30pm
Tue: 5:15pm - 7:30pm
Wed: 5:15pm - 7:30pm
Thu: 5:15pm - 7:30pm


If you would like more information on Empire Performing Arts Center, we’d be more than happy to help. Please fill out the form below and a member of our team will get back to you as soon as possible.

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