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Policies & Procedures
Girls Lacing Up Their Ballet Shoes


All students will need to complete a registration form to be sure their information is up to date in our system.  New students may try a class for free but all registration information, photo releases, and liability forms must be complete.  

Ballet Practice


Because we want to keep everyone as healthy as possible, please keep your student home if they are ill or have any condition that is contagious.  Ms. Rachel's doesn't have an immune system

Ballet Dancer


Any emergencies such as inclimate weather that requires cancellation of classes will be sent out through our private Facebook page.

Break Dance


We want to welcome parents to the studio, and we have an “open window” policy so that parents may watch their students in class.  Please keep in mind that the space is limited so please limit viewing to only parents/guardians.  Avoid knocking on the glass windows as it is only see through from the parents’ viewing room.  The knocking sound is also disruptive to the class.  When viewing, please make sure you leave the space clean.  There are trash cans located throughout the studio. 

Hiphop Class


Children are not allowed to run throughout the studio as that is an injury risk. Please do not drop off children that are not taking classes at the studio to “hang out” at the studio.

Empire Performing Arts Center will not tolerate any criticism of students, staff, class placement, company, costumes, or choreography.

If there is a concern, please visit with staff in person or schedule a meeting with the owner and staff member.  Any inappropriate behavior or confrontations will be handled with a warning to the involved parties.  If inappropriate behavior or confrontations continue, the result will be expulsion of both the student(s) and parent(s)/guardian(s) from Empire Performing Arts Center.

Young Ballerinas


Social media is the number one place that people use for advertisement for their companies, for selling their products, for talking about personal life experiences, and much more. 


The following policies cover the protocol on how to use social media in a positive light:

  • When you post any media related to Empire Performing Arts Center, please tag Empire Performing Arts Center as follows:  #empireperformingartscenter  #EPAC and @EmpirePerformingArtsCenter on FB.

  • None of our choreography can be posted on social media as it is copyrighted and it is illegal.  

  • Negative commentary about anything and anyone is not allowed as it is detrimental to our studio unity.

  • Slandering someone’s business or someone’s reputation, directly or indirectly, is illegal.  Again, you would be hearing from our lawyers.

  • Violation of our social media policy will result in removal from the studio.

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